Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is September 7th for a Steiner Nighthunter S35 Thermal Riflescope

Steiner wanted to do something truly over the top for this months giveaway. Being Camera Land's 65th Anniversary, coming up in November, Steiner wanted to go BIG with a Steiner Nighthunter S35 Thermal Riflescope as this months giveaway. This is the largest giveaway item we've done in our 2 decades of doing these monthly giveaway's.

Experience exceptional performance on the darkest of nights with crisp, clear images with the Steiner S35 Nighthunter thermal riflescope, powered by Quantum Vision.

A perfect combination of a state-of-the-art thermal sensor, outstanding display quality and proprietary software. Quantum Vision technology, together with outstanding usability, handling and legendary ruggedness, creates a superb night hunting thermal riflescope.

Easily detect coyotes and pigs past 2,000 yards and recognize within 500 yards taking predator and invasive species control to the next level. Customize color output, including Amber and display settings to maximize eye comfort on long nights behind the scope.


Core/Thermal Sensor
The Sharpest Thermal Images
Real-time Imagery: Fast and smooth automatic calibration
Clear Pictures of Moving Targets

Steiner Algorithm
Wherever - Whenever: Steiner high-speed software
See While Others Guess: High contrast and outstanding sensitivity
Customizable Output: Various modes and color palettes

Optimal Visibility - in any Light Condition: High quality OLED display
Comfortable Observation: 1024x768 Resolution

Human: 1800 m
Vehicle: 4400 m

Human: 450 m
Vehicle: 1100 m

Quantum Vision
640X480 12μm
35MM f/1.0 Focal Length
Picture and Video Recording
16GB Internal Storage
2.4 GHZ WiFi
Mount Torque 25-30in/lbs.
Mobile app Connectivity
6 Color Palettes
Hot Spot Tracking
9 Reticle Options
Easy Zero Process
5 Bullet or Rifle Profiles
Stadiametric Rangefinder
Scene and Shutter Calibration Modes
3 Scene Modes
Micro Hdmi Video Out
Rugged Durability
Manual Objective Focus
5.5 Hour Battery Life

This months winners of the Meopta Meopro 6-18x50 BDC Riflescopes are:

Joe B. of RokSlide

Scott S. of MonsterMuleys

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 Steiner Nighthunter S35 Thermal Riflescope

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