Cameraland NY

Minox Comes Through Again

Cameraland NY

Minox just keeps coming through with
fantastic values to share with you.
These are can't miss opportunities in new binoculars.......

#62033 BF 8x25 BR only $99.99, reduced from $149.00

#62032 BF 10x25 BR only $99.99, reduced from $159.00

#62034 BF 8x42 BR only $139.99, reduced from $289.00

#62173 BF 10x42 BR only $139.99, reduced from $299.00

Cameraland NY
We only received about 50 of each of these so if you're looking for a good binocular
at a budget price take a look at these opportunities.

BTW, the support we received on last weeks Minox Spotting Scope offer has been overwhelming.
We did manage to acquire a few more "as new condition" samples
so if you did not grab one you still have a chance:

#62210 MD-62 Straight with Minox #62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece only $449.99, reduced from $848.00

#62211 MD-62 Angled with Minox #62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece only $449.99, reduced from $898.00

#62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece for $119.99 reduced from $199.00 new

#62225 MD 50W Angled Spotting Scope only $189.99 reduced from $349.00

#62226 MD 50 Straight only $189.99 reduced from $349.00

We have received a few of the Minox Rifle Scopes that are open box display units from recent trade shows. These are brand new units that have never been mounted, but since they were sent to trade shows and displayed they are no longer considered fresh new goods and we can offer them to you at a substantial savings. These are in the box, with full warranty as a new one would be, just at a discount.

#66000 ZA-3 3-9x40mm Plex @ $289.99 reduced from $399.00

#66001 ZA-3 3-9x40mm BDC @ $299.99 reduced from $419.00

#66010 ZA-5 2-10x40mm Plex @ $349.99 reduced from $479.00

#66030 ZA-5 4-20x50mm Plex @ $549.99 reduced from $699.00

Thank you for the continued support. Please feel free to call Doug, Neil or Scotty with any questions.

Camera Land

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